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Storage Solutions

Efficient storage solutions

If you’re paying for your premises based on floor area, then you’ll want to make your storage as efficient as possible, so that it doesn’t waste space.  Every work area has storage needs – and the right solutions can make a big difference to your employees’ productivity.

Even in today’s electronic age, many businesses still have a need to keep paper records.  For such businesses, an effective filing system is essential for accessing paperwork quickly and easily.  

If you store physical inventory, then it’s even more important for your items to be easily located and accessed.  You’ll need a shelving system that’s appropriate to the items being stored and, for multi-level storage, you’ll have to consider ease of access.  

There’s a lot to think about, so why not ask Sovereign Commercial Installations for advice?  We can configure and supply bespoke storage solutions, including:

  • Custom-built storage walls for your office

  • A range of specialist storage solutions from glass display cabinets, wardrobes and PC slider trays, filing, etc.

  • A vast range of racking suitable for objects and products of all sizes, weights and storage needs,from light duty shelving through to longspan racks and pallet racking for your warehouse

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