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Staircases and Balustrades

From functional to sensational

All the best old films have a spectacular staircase where the star makes an impact by descending in style, however, in the workplace, staircases have to be functional. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a staircase to create an impression too. Imagine:

  • A flight of stairs that seems to float in space linking your lobby to the mezzanine level in glass and stainless steel
  • A spiral rise that creates movement and interest in an open hallway or exhibition area
  • A neat zigzag with a colourful handrail and balustrade that brightens up a dark corner and is an economical use of space.

All of these still fulfil their purpose – that of getting people from one level to another safely and effectively.

Whether you want to use steel, glass, wood or a mix of materials the right staircase and balustrade can make a strong statement. Choose functional or fantastic – our team will design, construct and deliver a stylish solution.

Please call us on 01323 763179 to give us an idea of the impression you want to make or email us for more information.