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A purpose-built space

Partitions create the kind of working spaces your business, staff and customers need, whether that’s for one-to-one privacy, a project-based office or a large conference environment.

Sovereign Commercial Installations can:

  • Turn any area into professional offices
  • Create a boardroom or meeting room
  • Build a soundproof computer or copying room
  • Install smart modern washrooms
  • Provide secure storerooms for valuable equipment or merchandise
  • Supply glass partitions, for a light and airy open-plan feel

A wide range of structural materials is available, encompassing everything from glass to steel, including soundproofing, impact and fire resistant glass, integral blinds for privacy and tough steel for security or in a workshop environment. If necessary, we can supply fire protection materials to meet today's stringent building regulations.

We advise that you don't try to decide what's best for your needs. It’s far better for you to tell us what you want to achieve, so that we can help you get the best solution for your business and budget.