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New Builds

Bespoke buildings

You’re planning a new building.  The problem is that you’re not a builder.  So you just have to hire a builder to do it for you.  Easy? Not at all. When the builder has finished, you’ve still got to hire carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators.  And you’ve got to schedule them all, so the painter doesn’t turn up before the carpenter has finished and so on and so forth. Are you beginning to feel somewhat stressed? 

Starting a new building from scratch takes a lot of work – even before the foundations are laid, there’s a ton of paperwork to do.  There are challenges to overcome at every turn, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process of building and refurbishment. You will need to know that the plans are correct.  You’ll want to make sure you have the requisite planning permission and building regulation approval.  

All this can take up a lot of time and attention, not only for you but for your staff too.  So why not have our specialist team take care of these demands on your behalf? Not only will your staff continue being productive, you’ll also prevent the possibility of potentially costly errors occurring at a later date.  

If you have a vision for a purpose-built premises you’ll find that Sovereign Commercial Installations will provide the perfect partnership to deliver exactly what you have in mind.  Whether it’s an extension to an existing premises or a whole new development, you’ll find that our team of specialists can deliver at every level. Your new build will be in safe hands.

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