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Fire Protection

Protecting your staff and customers from fire

The UK’s stringent fire regulations demand that all employers protect their workforce from the risk of fire. Additionally, insurance companies expect employers to put in place adequate fire protection for their buildings and contents.

It’s essential that the correct fire-retardant materials are used to construct walls, floors, doors, fixtures and fittings so that, in the event of a fire, vital minutes will be saved, allowing your employees to leave the premises without panic. Fire retardant materials can stop a fire from spreading for up to four hours, depending upon the environment.

Fire stopping seals the gaps where cables, pipes and beams go from one floor to another and prevents the fire from easily travelling up through a building. Fire resistant flooring, partitions, ceilings and cavity barriers can also help to slow down the progress of a fire.

If you’re fitting out a new building or planning to upgrade an existing one, talk to us first about your fire protection, so that we can incorporate it into your plans, for a result that is both safe and stylish.Remember - don’t take chances with fire. Talk to us about how to protect your people and property. Call 01323 763179 or email us.  We look forward to hearing from you.