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Acoustic installations

Keep the noise down!

If you’ve ever tried to work in an environment where a lot of activity is taking place, people are talking or machinery is running, you’ll know how difficult it is to concentrate. Noise is a big distraction in the workplace. It interrupts concentration and increases the stress levels of your employees, with the obvious disadvantages for your company’s productivity.

Reducing noise pollution isn’t as difficult a task as you might imagine. Even in an open area, sound-absorbent materials can make a noticeable difference to noise levels. Installing partitions, suspended ceilings, double glazed doors and windows, together with sound reducing glass, are some of the ways we can create a quieter working environment.

Absenteeism as a result of workplace stress has become a big issue over the past decade and noise is one of the triggers. It makes sense to protect the health of your workforce by reducing the noise that they have to deal with.

The team at Sovereign Commercial can provide creative, effective solutions for keeping down the noise at your workplace. Why not talk to us and benefit from our extensive experience?

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